Refunds & Cancellation...
The following terms and conditions/cancellation and refund policy apply to all advertising services offered by the service provider. In placing an order for advertising services from the service provider that members (you the business placing the advertisement) are agreeing of the following terms and conditions.

1. SERVICES The Website is an advertising directory. Every payment made to The Service Provider is for advertising services, and is for a set number of days, for a particular advertising package. Our full rate is listed on each site and outlines all of our available packages along with the time frames that your advertisement will be active for, and the associated cost. We are not an escort agency or escort service and do not accept any payments on behalf of the escorts or act as any other type of intermediary. The Customer and The Service Provider are totally independent of each other. The Service Provider strictly offers business to business advertising services. We do not accept advertisements from consumers, or persons/entities, who are providing their services on a non-commercial basis.

2. PAYMENT PROCESS: All payments made to The Service Provider, for advertisements, must be made in advance of the advertisement being made active on the Website. We accept payment via credit/debit which must be made using our secure online payment page. We are unable to accept payment over the telephone or by any other medium. We accept payments 24/7 on our website but all payments are subject to Fraud Screening and are manually reviewed. All payments for advertisements must be made by The Customer themselves, using their own payment facility. No third party payments will be accepted and The Service Provider reserves the right to reject any payment at any time.

3. Chargebacks / Unsatisfactory Payments: In an instance where The Service Provider has received notification from its merchant account provider that a payment made by The Customer has been subject to a chargeback claim; And the advertising service being provided by The Service Provider has begun but not completed. The Advertisement will be cancelled without notice and the customer will become liable for the full amount of the chargeback claim plus a possible chargeback fee of $50. No further Advertising Services will be provided to the customer until this amount has been paid in full. All future payments will be restricted to pre-paid services until further notice. In an instance where the Service Provider is not satisfied by the legitimacy of a payment or the customer is unwilling or unable to provide documentary evidence in support of their payment. The payment will be refunded and any services that have commenced will be cancelled without notice. All future payments will be restricted to pre-paid services until further notice along with any other action deemed necessary by The Service Provider.

4. Contractual Inception and Conclusion: The contract between The Service Provider and the customer will become legally binding when a payment has been submitted by the customer, and these terms have been accepted (by ticking the appropriate checkbox to indicate you agree to the terms). Each of the advertising packages offered by The Service Provider, on The Website, is for a set price and for a set number of consecutive days. Once this consecutive period has concluded your advertisement will automatically be removed and the contract between the Service Provider and the customer will have completed.

5. Cancellation: In the event of a payment being made for an advertisement which is cancelled by the customer, or rejected by the Service Provider, prior to being made visible to the public on the Website, we will refund this payment to the original payment source within 28 days. In circumstances where funds are unused, we may hold these funds on account for a period of up to 364 days, at which time it would be automatically refunded to the original payment source where possible.

6. Refund Policy: The Service Provider will make every effort to ensure that The Website operates with an uptime of at least 95% but we cannot be held responsible if this is changed due to circumstances beyond our control. We will make all reasonable efforts to ensure our hosting is very reliable. In the event that The Website is offline for more than 50% of the month then a full refund will be offered within 28 days for any remaining days of your advertising package. For example: if you purchase one month’s advertising at a price of $30 and our up time is only 49% and you wish to seek a refund with 15 days

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remaining then a refund of 50% of your purchase price would be offered which would total $15. No refunds are available for any other reason, once an advertisement has been made active** it will commence for the set number of consecutive days, it cannot be paused or kept on hold in any way. Your advertisement may be stopped early but no refund would be offered.

7. Advertisements: The Customer agrees that they are solely responsible for the management of their own Account and that they may only create one account on the website. Accounts cannot be gifted, sold or be made available to any 3rd party under any circumstances. The Customer may hold multiple advertisements in a single account only where the advertisement relates to an alternative service provided by the customer themselves, i.e. Massage Advertisement, Dominatrix Advertisement, Escort Advertisement etc. In the event that this policy is not adhered to. The Service Provider reserves the right to take any action it deems necessary against the Customer, which may include the restricting or canceling of services, with no refund, and/or the refusal to accept future advertisements. The Customer must agree they offer an escort service for companionship only and do not offer paid services of a sexual nature.

8. Media: Images / Video / Other Resources: The Customer agrees that they are the sole owner of any photos or videos they submit to the website and the photos or videos are neither "fakes" nor "stock" photography /videography.** There must be no third party markings, watermarks, logos or text on any of the media that is supplied by the customer. Any images found to be in breach of the above statement, or be found to be (in the opinion of The Service Provider*) obscene in nature, or dishonest, we will remove them without warning and may issue penalties (such as photo upload bans) to you. No refunds will be given to advertisements affected by such actions. All material supplied by The Customer and used in the construction of the Customers advertisements will remain The Customers property. All such material will be assumed to be the property of the customer with freedom that it may be used without fear of breach of copyright laws. The Service Provider is not responsible for the content made available through the website, it remains the sole responsibility from whom (The Customer) the content originated. The Service Provider maintains the right, at all times, to remove any images, content or information placed by The Customer at any time, without notice, if The Service Provider believes the reputation of The Website may be damaged by its presence.

Charges will appear on your statement as:  PCE*
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